Bamboo Flooring is a renewable resource which makes it a very Eco-Friendly Flooring.
It can re grow from being cut down to its full height in 6 years, there is no need to replant.
There are many types of Bamboo Flooring but Strand Woven is the most common.

It is the hardest out of them and is the most durable. Whilst it can still scratch and dint it is a lot friendlier than most timber species.
As bamboo is a grass it can have a tendency to expand more in certain conditions, as in high humidity.
But it does look Stylish and many will tend to think that it looks like a Hardwood Timber.

Pros: Easily maintained, Eco-Friendly, Pre-Finished, Stylish, Less Expensive than Timber,
Termite Resistant, Allergy Free.

Cons: Humidity Prone, will require expansion gap, skirting to be removed and
re-installed or use Scotia, Underlayment required.