An engineered timber floor is a multi-layered floor composed of a timber veneer or lamination surface layer sitting on a cheaper substrate of ply, pine or rubber wood.

The top layer of timber is generally thin (1mm – 4mm), making it easier to age and condition the wood, drastically reducing the expansion and contraction. Without having to worry about these humidity issues the manufacturer can create a pre-finished floorboard which does not require any sanding or polishing after installation. With an engineered floor you can have the wood delivered, laid and be walking on all in the same day.

Pros: Real timber top, Cheaper than Solid Timber, Quick installation, Stylistic Variations.
Cons: Susceptible to water and spills, requires an underlayment, Can mark and scratch easily, more expensive than Vinyl Planks and Hybrid Boards, requires expansion joint required every 8 metres in length and width, Skirting to be removed and re installed or scotia used.

Looking for timber flooring? why not try Engineered Timber Flooring as an alternative to solid timber flooring.

We have several ranges of engineered timber flooring in varying thicknesses, widths, lengths and qualities.