The new kid on the block.
Hybrid flooring is a creation of Vinyl plank melded to a solid core (Stone composite) rather than being all PVC. This makes the product very stable with little expansion and contraction.

It shares the same attributes as Vinyl plank but does not have to be Glued to the sub floor.
Hybrids are designed as a floating floor which makes them a very good DIY product.
As they are the new kid on the block they do not have quite as big a range as Vinyl Planks, but it is growing daily as the market demands more and suppliers are responding.

Hybrid flooring has an acoustic backing that makes it a more viable option for unit and apartment dwellers, rather than having to install an acoustic underlay to meet body corporate requirements that a vinyl plank would require.

Pros: Waterproof, Stable, Durable, Acoustics, DIY, commercially rated, can be laid over some existing floor types.

Cons: May still require some floor prep, needs to have skirting removed and re installed or install a scotia, Expansion joint required if the length or width of the room is too big.